Writing and Image Guidelines

Thank you for taking an interest in contributing to Hillbers. We are always looking for exciting and insightful articles and pictures. 

Hillbers is written and edited by volunteers. Please note that at present (Spring 2022) we are not paying our contributors and submissions are made pro bono. 

To increase your chances of having your article or image accepted, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Subject matter

We are a Surrey- and Hampshire-focused publication. We love stories that relate to Surrey and Hampshire – please send them in!

People who live in Surrey and Hampshire are affected by wider issues too. If you would like to report or share opinions on national issues, we would be very interested in sharing them with Hillbers readers. 

Style and content


  • Inform, don’t rant
  • Challenge thinking, not people
  • Open discussion, don’t lay down the law 

Pictures and photos

Please only submit pictures and photos that are your own work. 

Remember that once you have sent images to Hillbers, you cannot sell or give them to other publications or online galleries.


Articles must be at least 300 words (more is fine!). This is to help the articles show up in Google searches and generally get more people reading Hillbers.

Please don’t copy and paste wording directly from other articles, whether your source is something you’ve written yourself or something you’ve read elsewhere. 

Please be clear on whether your article is fact or opinion. If it is fact, please remember to back up what you say as far as possible. 

Please submit articles as Word documents if possible.

Pseudonyms are accepted but not encouraged. 


Terms and conditions

You will be sent the following T&Cs to agree to when you submit your first article or image: 

  1. You will only use images you have express permission to use or that you have taken yourself.  
  2. You will only submit articles you have written yourself.
  3. All writing submitted must be unique to Hillbers, and not have appeared in other publications. Once published on Hillbers, it cannot be used on other websites or blogs. 
  4. You agree for your full name to be displayed publicly on articles written by you.  
  5. Access to the website can be revoked at any time, for any reason.  
  6. You give permission for your articles to be shared on social media and used in advertising. 
  7. Once published, all articles will be held under the copyright of Hillbers News Network. 
  8. You agree that we can show adverts on the same page as your article. 
  9. You will keep to our code of conduct as described on our website. 

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please send articles, pictures and photos for consideration to charlotte@hillbers.com