When will the A331 to A31 roundabout works be completed?

Road works

Why are the A331 to A31 slip road works needed?

The works are required to construct a new lane to allow A331 traffic to bypass the roundabout towards Guildford via the A31. As a result, a series of planned evening and weekend road closures will divert Guildford/Eastbound towards. At the Sheppard and flock roundabout, road users may return back via the A31 towards Guildford.

On 18 October 2021 Surrey County Council (SCC) said;

“Works continue to progress as expected. We have now completed approximately 40% of the project and are on target to complete by the end of March 2022”

Traffic hotspots scheme background

A331 to A31 slip road closure is required as part of the traffic ‘hotspots‘ scheme, where improvements had been identified as required. In 2018 Guildford Borough Council identified three key junctions as traffic ‘hotspots’ where peak time queues cause significant delays. The Guildford Hotspots project aims to reduce traffic congestion at these ‘hotspots’. One of these junctions was the A331 roundabout. The works will include new signal crossings and improvements so the cyclists and pedestrians using the Christmas Pie cycle route can easily and safely cross the slip road, which is currently difficult to cross. The proposals will also include resurfacing and new Anti-skid material on the approaches to the signal crossings, the lighting will be upgraded, and the drainage improved, the drainage improvements will use SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems), capturing the stormwater from the road, slowing and treating this flow to lessen the impact of storms on the drainage system. The SUDS proposals also include a Pond / Wetland area which will improve water quality and improve biodiversity.

Contact SCC

0300 200 1003 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Contact Centre, County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2DN
Email Works.communication@surreycc.gov.uk


Have you seen a road sign been left behind?

If a road sign has been left behind following any road works please report it to Surrey via the web link www.RemoveThisSign.com

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