Surrey’s online tool to report businesses breaking covid rules

Surrey's online tool to report businesses breaking covid rules

There has been a lot of talk of late about businesses breaking covid rules. As the country’s biggest supermarkets ban those without face coverings from entering their stores, it’s important to help local businesses to follow suit. While most independent businesses are following the rules, Surrey County Council has received a number of reports of those not following COVID-19 restrictions.

Until now, residents have contacted councillors and used the Surrey community care line to raise their concerns about shops that don’t follow coronavirus restrictions. To improve the level of service, and to ensure that reports and responses are coordinated, Surrey County Council has now launched an online reporting tool. This is just one element of Surrey’s preventative measures, created to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Surrey’s online tool to report businesses breaking covid rules

The public can use the new online form to report businesses or venues that are breaching rules and restrictions. Breaches might be the incorrect use of PPE and handwashing facilities, inadequate barriers or protection measures or not carrying out risk assessments.

Members of the public reporting breaches are encouraged to check guidance before they submit their concerns. They can also check whether or not the business should be open under current lockdown measures. The web page for the form helpfully provides links to current guidance.

The form combines tick boxes with sections where you can describe problems in more detail. I have experimented with the form today, using a local shop (they haven’t done anything wrong and I didn’t press “submit”). I found the form easy to use, although I did have to use Google to find the postcode of the shop. The form is also anonymous, which has many advantages, especially as you would probably only tick the “no risk assessment” box if you or a family member worked there.


All reports will be investigated by Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards, working closely with Environmental Health and Surrey Police when appropriate.

Ruth Hutchinson, Surrey County Council’s Director of Public Health said:

“Infection rates are still very high, so we are keen to work with businesses and organisations in Surrey to ensure they are operating in safe and controlled environments, not putting staff and the public at risk. We are thankful to everyone who is following the rules and staying home to help prevent the spread of the virus.”

You can find the online reporting form here.

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