Surrey to enter ‘New Tier 4’ from Sunday

Surrey to enter 'New Tier 4' from Sunday

Surrey is to enter a newly created Tier 4 from Sunday. Boris Johnson made a statement today at 16:00 from Downing Street.

The new Tier 4 restrictions are being applied to current Tier 3 areas. Waverley is the only part of Surrey currently in Tier 2.

These new measures have been taken because of rising numbers of COVID-19 in London and the South East of England. This rise in numbers is reportedly due to a new variant of COVID-19 which is spreading rapidly through the Southeast and London.

This new variant of COVID-19 has been identified by NERVTAG, and is being reported as being no more deadly than the current virus. It is however “up to 70% more transferable” than the current virus. It is also reported that the Vaccine will still work. This information is still up for review.

The new Tier 4 will force all non-essential shops and businesses to close.


What is the new Tier 4?

  • Stay at home wherever possible
  • No ‘Christmas Bubbles’
  • Non-essential retail will close including gyms and beauty salons
  • People must work from home if they can
  • You can only meet one person from another household outside
  • No-one should leave or enter Tier 4 areas unless for work that cannot be done from home.

We are updating this article constantly as new information comes in.

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