Surrey Independent Living Charity – personal assistant support for disabled people

personal assistants for disabled people
The SILC team are dedicated to helping people with disabilities find the right PAs to help them live independently.


Surrey Independent Living Charity formed as Surrey Independent Living Council in 1998 by a group of disabled people. A user-led charity, SILC’s primary purpose is to provide support to disabled people who wanted to use local authority funded Direct Payments to employ personal assistants to provide the care and support they needed.

Since then, SILC has continued to provide support services in Surrey and our growth reflected the increasing number of people using Direct Payment in the county. The charity has now expanded to provide one off Direct Payments to carers and personal health budget support to individuals funded by the NHS.

Living independently with the right support

SILC believes that everyone can live independently with the right support. At the heart of the charity’s ethos is the social model of disability and the concept of full human rights. We believe that these give a basis for treating everyone with respect, understanding and fairness.

Chief Executive, Richard Davy, says “we at SILC are very proud to have been supporting people in Surrey to live independently for almost twenty-five years. We’re on a mission to extend the awareness of the support we can provide to families and individuals living with disabilities as well as older people with care needs, and to raise additional funding to widen the range of services we can offer to the people of Surrey.”


Personal assistants for disabled people

Working with a personal assistant (PAs) can enable some disabled people to live independently and retain their personal freedom. SILC can guide you through every stage of the recruitment process, from finding the right person to managing the legal side of becoming an employer.

Potential employers as well as people seeking to work as personal assistants can sign up to the Support Finder service – This enables employers and PAs to match with each other.

SILC provide a range of information and resources on our website ( for employers and PAs and we also run various training courses and webinars.

If you are interested in using SILCs services, or would like to become a supporter, please visit the website or give us a call on 01483 458111.



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