SCC ‘Hotspots’ to ‘improve road links’ for Guildford and Pirbright

SCC 'Hotspots' to 'improve road links' for Guildford and Pirbright
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In 2018 Guildford Borough Council identified three key junctions as traffic ‘hotspots’ where peak time queues cause significant delays. The Guildford Hotspots project aims to reduce traffic congestion at these ‘hotspots.’ One of these junctions was the A323 Guildford Road and A324 Pirbright Road junction.

The announced works will  be widening the carriageway in order to provide an additional lane on the A323 for traffic travelling in the Pirbright direction. We are also installing a new controlled pedestrian crossing facility at the junction of A323 Guildford Road and A324 Pirbright Road.

Currently there is one lane for traffic travelling from the Ash direction towards the Guildford and Pirbright directions where traffic must queue at the Guildford Road and Pirbright Road traffic signals.

Cllr Nigel Manning, Chairman of Ash Parish Council said:


“that this junction improvement has come about from massive pressure by local councillors, not only  to identify traffic hot spots and bottlenecks, but to get them improved and eradicated as far as possible.  These junction improvements will greatly help reduce the build-up of traffic travelling through Ash during the ‘rush hours’, by those who are trying to reach Woking, Guildford and beyond.”

Guildford Borough Council said:

“There will be multi-way temporary traffic lights in place for the duration of the works. Overnight road closures will be necessary to carry out the resurfacing element of this work, these will be in place from 1 March for 3 nights, from 8pm – 6am. We will make sure you can get to and from your house or business when it is safe to do so.”

“Working overnight is necessary on traffic sensitive roads to reduce disruption during peak times. It also enables longer uninterrupted working before the closure must be lifted for daytime traffic, and results in a shorter period of disruption. There will be some noise, but we will try to carry out the bulk of the noisiest works before midnight.”

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  • Road Map: Surrey CC
  • Hotspots Junction: Hillbers News


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