“Poppies in the window” campaign

Poppy Wreath in Ash Parish
Poppy Wreath

Each year our communities gather at our memorials, churches or places of reflection to remember those who have given their lives protecting this country. However, due to current government guidance these events are not likely to take place, or will be very different.

Thankfully the Royal British Legion website has some fantastic suggestions to commemorate the event from home. In addition, Hillbers would like to promote the idea to commemorate Remembrance Day by making your poppy window display. Just as with the rainbows for care workers, a poppy display showing our communities that we remember will allow us time to reflect on their sacrifice’s and to consider those who continue to put their lives on the line to keep us all safe.

To commemorate Remembrance Day with a poppy Window Display, here are some printable ideas to get started:

Single PoppyTriple Poppy,  Single Poppy 2 Poppy Wreath,  Lest We Forget 2020

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