How much plastic do you use in a week? It’s time for the Big Plastic Count.

big plastic count


Next week, 16-22 May, is the Big Plastic Count. Climate charity Greenpeace are inviting thousands of households to count every piece of plastic they throw away in a week.

We can all join in. Once signed up, we can record our data on a (recycled) paper sheet Greenpeace will send to us, or submit the information online.

The Big Plastic Count: lobbying government on the environmental crisis…

At the end of the week, Greenpeace will crunch all the numbers. This will give them a much more accurate picture of plastic waste in the UK than they have at the moment. They can take this evidence to the government and to the supermarkets, and ask them to do even more to stop the tidal wave of plastic that’s threatening our planet.

…and making changes for the better

It’s important to remember that the Big Plastic Count isn’t about making individuals feel guilty. It’s about gathering data to inform the next steps the UK takes in tackling the plastic crisis.


Some of us need single-use plastic, and understanding its regular use will form an important part of the picture. A lot of medication comes in sealed blister packs, for example, protecting it from contamination. That’s OK. In many ways, plastic has revolutionised our lives, but it’s important to only use plastic when we need to and not simply because it’s convenient.

Aside from lobbying government, it’s possible that our own domestic plastic counting will bring about some changes. Personally, I’m expecting to see a lot of plastic milk bottles on my family’s list – I’m already anticipating my wake-up call.

Sign up to the Big Plastic Count here.

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