Cinemas begin to re open across Surrey & Hampshire

Empty Cinema

Cinema chains Odeon and Vue have announced plans to begin reopening their doors including sites within Surrey & Hampshire. The national openings are phased with 27 sites opened by Oden on the 4th December and 30 Vue sites opening on the 11th December. Vue has also announced further openings on the 16th and 18th on their website.

Cineworld has made no further announcements with all its sites remaining closed since 9th October.

Cinemas are permitted to reopen in areas under Tier 1 & 2 restrictions, however areas placed under Tier 3 will remain closed along with all other indoor entertainment venues. The current restrictions require early closure (11pm) but Cinemas, theatres and concert halls are permitted to stay open beyond 11pm in order to conclude performances that start before 10pm.

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