6pm Christmas Eve Jingle to combat loneliness

Christmas Eve Jingle to combat loneliness

Earlier this year, Mary Beggs-Reid from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, started a campaign to help battle loneliness and bring communities together by encouraging us all to clap for carers. Following this success campaign and with such a difficult year, communities are being asked to come together once again.

At 6pm on Christmas Eve for 2 minutes we are encouraged to ring a bell or bash a saucepan to feel the festive spirit. In an interview with the BBC Mary Beggs-Reid said:

This will be our happy moment. Covid can not take this from us so ring louder

Engaging the community in this way means that for two minutes we can all do our best to make sure nobody feels alone on Christmas Eve. So we encourage you to join us, wherever you are, in make as much noise as possible.

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