Why do people buy electric cars? ‘They will bite us in time’.

Why do people buy electric cars? They will bite us in time.

Question: Why do people buy electric cars? Answer – Because they’re rich, and they can afford to. Now that applies to a small percentage of the population mainly in the affluent home counties who’re earning the type of income that allows them to pay £30,000+ for a very basic run around and £100,000+ for something more exotic like a top of the range Tesla or BMW.

Most of us just don’t have that sort of money to spend on a car and especially one that needs charging overnight and wherever you go and can’t manage more than 180 miles in one go!

I know this will improve as technology catches up but still can’t see Electric cars as a particularly eco-friendly solution – I honestly don’t understand why we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking it is.

As we enter an era where the damages caused by us ‘humans’ to our planet can no longer be ignored – we seem to jump from one ‘quick fix’ to another in a vain attempt to make amends.

The latest, greatest thing is Electric Everything and that’s great because nothing gets burned and no fumes pollute our atmosphere but let’s not forget it’s still energy and unlike the sails on a yacht where the energy created truly is a free resource, electric cars have a lot of large heavy-duty batteries with a questionable life-span, and they still use metal and plastic for the main part of the car.


Electric car batteries use Lithium, most of which comes from the Andes in South America. It is mined from the ground, devastating the areas where it is extracted and contaminates local water sources. It’s a resource and it’s limited. As usual, we’re charging ahead (pardon the pun) on the basis of ‘seems like a good idea’ with no sensible policy implemented for recycling.

Most of the Lithium in batteries is currently dumped in waste and landfill sites never to be used again. What ever happened to BIO-fuels? Is it the fact that they still get burned like petrol? … but hang on …. electric cars require daily charging from the main electricity supply which is mostly created by burning fossil fuels and the demand is about to explode as governments set a deadline to convert totally to electric power. God knows how much power stations will be burning by then?

Don’t forget also that in order to roll it out properly, there must be a massive investment in charging points everywhere all of which requires a huge amount of resources, raw materials a lot of disruption.

So where am I leading you ask? Well I don’t think electric cars are the answer to anything. If they charged themselves I’d be half-way convinced but that Lithium requirement is going to come and back and bite us in time.

The fact of the matter is that right now, today, it just doesn’t sense, even if you can afford it, to be an ‘early adopter’. My advice is hang on to your diesel or petrol car as long as you possibly can, because …as soon as they stop making them, they’re going to be worth a small fortune in years to come.

I don’t feel ecologically unfriendly in my diesel car, I’m using a resource which is in plentiful supply and forecast to be for many years to come. It’s a diesel and it does pretty good mpg, so I use as little as possible. I’m driving something that will go for 500 miles and then I only need to stop for 5 minutes in order to go another 500 miles. I don’t need to plug it in anywhere at night and it cost me £12,000 almost new.

Whatever we do in our modern lives affects the planet negatively one way or another and as far as I’m concerned, electric cars are not the solution by any stretch of the imagination. On the contrary, I think it could be far more damaging than anyone has every bothered to think

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