Who is to blame for blame culture Britain?

Why do we blame everything? We never used to.

Who is to blame for blame culture britain?

One recent phenomenon that has come to light in recent years is our ever-popular Blame Culture and I guess we should largely blame Twitter and Facebook for this is where it’s possible for anyone to sound off or offload in a (usually) angry rant about anything that springs to mind.

These thoughts and tantrums would normally be contained, endured, and forgotten … most of the time, but now within seconds, thousands of unknown sycophants can share in your lament and fan the flames of your anger.

Also to blame it has to be said is Pier Morgan – obviously, he’s not the only one in the media, I could mention others such as Robert Peston and Andrew Marr but … Piers stands out because not a day goes by without him complaining and blaming others on Prime Time TV.

In what he considers to be a reflection of public opinion, his show on ITV revolves around a daily shaming of politicians or business leader. ‘They deserve it’ you may say but not all agree, sometimes it’s cringingly sad and awkward the way that Piers attacks people who have far more ability, credibility and respect than he will ever aspire to.

Piers is at the end of the day an ex trash mag editor with a very big mouth who has managed to slide his way into our lives on a daily basis.


Why do we blame everything? We never used to. If something is delivered late it’s because of Brexit and if it isn’t Brexit it’s because of COVID and if it isn’t COVID it’s because of Trump… or Macron … or the Post Office (which is probably the right one) – seriously … this constant, endless blaming and shaming have got to ease up – it’s boring, it’s negative and it achieves very little.

We need positivity in current times and if we are to blame things then at least balance it a little and celebrate the things that have gone well, like our astonishingly, world-beating vaccine roll-out.

Amongst all the doom and gloom being pedalled by the media, there are some outstanding rays of sunshine that just don’t get mentioned.

In writing this, I guess I’m guilty of ranting, sharing and shaming and to make it worse I’m also blaming … ho-hum … I guess I’m also infected with the Blame Culture Virus.

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