Football is nothing without fans: grounds problems for Whitehill & Bordon and Woking FCs

football is for the fans
Proposed expansion plans for Woking FC's ground were withdrawn after objections from the local community...including the club itself.

Following a successful campaign which sees Whitehill & Bordon FC hopeful of promotion to the senior division, the club is now in need of a new home. Whitehill & Bordon was set up by three friends with a passion for football and a desire to incorporate the game into the local community. However, after its first season of football, the new club is at risk of relegation if a permanent stadium with better facilities isn’t found.  Footballers deserve good pitches to play on. In addition, we all know that football is nothing without the fans. Having the right facilities to draw a crowd is key to keeping any club moving in the right direction.

Proposed expansion for Woking’s football stadium

Meanwhile, followers of nearby Woking FC will recall grand plans for a massive stadium expansion which included increasing the Laithwaite’s capacity, building over one thousand flats, a club shop and medical centre, all of which were met with huge opposition from local residents. Many Woking supporters placed blame on residents, dubbing them NIMBYs who cared nothing for local sport. However, it’s important to reiterate that the Cards’ own Board of Directors opposed the expansion plans, stating:

Woking Football Club would like to place on record that it does NOT support the new development scheme proposed by Wayne Gold of GolDev.

The alternative planning application on/adjacent to Woking Football Club does not include a new stand which will be built out or equipped to EFL standard like we require, it has not been agreed by nor discussed with the Board of the football club.

Different clubs, same problem

On the surface it seems like comparing apples to oranges. The two Clubs have completely different standings, one well-established while the other is in its infancy. The common thread, however, is that both are at the mercy of their respective councils. Whitehill & Bordon supporters are desperate for backing in order to see their club established. On the other hand, Woking fans had the carrot dangled in front of their noses only to have it snatched away by an overly ambitious council. In short, it would seem a matter of need versus greed.


Whitehill & Bordon have a real need for support from their council. The club has submitted plans to both East Hampshire District Council as well as the Hampshire FA and now await the outcome.



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