Surrey County Council and SEN funding: Whats happening?

There have been various claims made on social media over the past couple of days regarding Surrey County Council’s consultation on SEN funding for mainstream schools. Groups and individuals have posted, calling for people to join campaigns challenging Surrey County Council over the additional funding of Special Educational Needs (SEN) in schools.

In an effort to promote information directly from the source, what follows are some extracts from a post, written by Cllr Julie Iles – Surrey County Council cabinet member for All-Age Learning about the current SEN funding consultation.

Cllr Julie Iles
Cllr Julie Iles

“Schools in Surrey are funded to meet the needs of all children through a funding formula set by national government. All schools are consulted on these funding arrangements every September so that they can plan their budgets for the following academic year.”

“Supporting our more vulnerable residents – including children with special educational needs – is our number one priority; we are always working hard to ensure we can improve the lives and life chances of these young people.”

“Cabinet has committed £69million of capital investment to deliver an additional 1,100 special school places for children with special educational needs (SEN).”

“The Council is committing a further £32million of its budget this year, above the national funding.”

“We must scrutinise the impact of the services we deliver and fund – we are therefore proposing changes that provide the right level of support, and help young people to gain independence where possible and transition to adulthood successfully.”

“We are fiercely lobbying government to bring forward a proper, long term funding solution for SEN, while in the meantime investing tens of millions of pounds into new school places and a better education for children with SEN.”

It is clear that the issue of SEN funding for mainstream schools, although emotive, is a complex one which cannot be taken lightly.

Cllr Ed Schofield

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