Rushmoor celebrates heritage with Gurkha statue in Aldershot

Rushmoor Borough Council has approved a "rock solid and lasting embodiment of a rock-solid and lasting partnership," the erection of a Gurkha memorial statue in Princes Gardens, Aldershot.

Rushmoor celebrates heritage with Gurkha statue in Aldershot

This statue celebrates the contribution of the thousands of Gurkha soldiers who have served in the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army Forces over the last 206 years to the British Army and to Aldershot in particular.

It also highlights the pride that the local community and the British Army takes in both the historic and current contribution and sacrifice which the Nepali community have made serving alongside British soldiers in numerous conflicts.

Rushmoor celebrates heritage with Gurkha statue in Aldershot
The new Gurkha statue under construction.

Jib Belbase, Past President of the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community said:
“This statue of first Gurkha Victoria Cross winner Kulbir Thapa Magar carrying an injured British soldier in First World War beautifully depicts the depth of the strong and lasting relationship between the both communities and countries. It is a spirit which is alive today in the partnership between Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community and Rushmoor Borough Council.”

Nem Thapa, Conservative candidate for Cherrywood ward said: “The Gurkha’s have been proud to be part of the British Army for hundreds of years and feel a great deal of affection for this country, the Army and our town, the home of the British Army. I’m proud to be part of this Gurkha Memorial Project Core Team. It is wonderful to see this brought to life in this statue.”

Cllr David Cliford, Leader of Rushmoor Borough Council said: “This statue will be a rock solid and lasting embodiment of a rock solid and lasting partnership which has been integral to history of the borough and which continues to play a crucial role today. The Gurkhas have always been an important part of our town and can be seen out volunteering and supporting our community in numerous ways. This statue is a fittingly spectacular recognition of their sacrifice and significance right at the heart of Aldershot.

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