New bus connections for Southwood health services

New stops will increase access to vital local medical services. This will include easier access to one of Rushmoor's key vaccination centres. Rushmoor and Hampshire councillors reaffirm commitment to green transport

New bus connections for Southwood health services
Southwood’s new Voyager Centre for Health and Southwood Surgery is set to benefit from significantly improved bus services – thanks to new investment secured by Cllr Rod Cooper and Cllr Martin Tennant.
The extended Number 9 Bus Route, which has made a come back having been under threat of closure four years ago, will now play a crucial role in connecting Southwood’s medical services with the town centre and many of their patients.
The extended service, which is a result of joint investment and grants from Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire County Council has been welcomed by local doctors and will come into service on 22 March – meaning that it can help transport patients to the local vaccination centre at Southwood Surgery as well as the expanded and improved medical services available through Southwood Centre for Health.
Cllr Rod Cooper, County Councillor for West Farnborough said:
“Four years ago when I heard that the Number 9 Service was due to close I was convinced it was a mistake. It is a vital lifeline for residents in West Farnborough and I was convinced that with investment it could thrive. With the new medical services in place it makes more sense than ever to extend it – looping these centres into the town centre and helping many more residents get around. I’m delighted that the buses will be running soon and playing some part in our brilliant local vaccination efforts.”
Cllr Martin Tennant, Cllr for Cove and Southwood and Cabinet Member for Major Projects said:
“Green transport is going to play a vital role in the future of our town. Whether it is walking, cycling or taking the bus – we want to be a town that makes it easier to get around without having to resort to the car. This fantastic new service is the result of a great partnership between Rushmoor and Hampshire and I’m sure it will prove a huge success.”
Dr Micklethwaite, Senior Partner of Voyager Family Health said:
“Voyager Family Health are delighted that an additional stop has been added to the No. 9 bus route and that it will now be stopping in Apollo Rise close to Farnborough Centre for Health. This will be a very helpful service for patients attending the GP practice. Patients are advised let our Patient Services Team know if they plan on using this service and we will do their best to book them an appointment that fits in with the bus timetable. We would like to thank the Council for all of the hard work involved in facilitating  this service”.

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