Can face to face business networking take place?

Networking in Guildford

After yesterday’s announcements social gatherings are clearly restricted to 6 people or fewer.

However, there is an exemption: ‘Gatherings of more than six people for work or education will also continue to be allowed’. So is networking allowed? It is after all a means of marketing for many small businesses. Included in most networking session is usually some sort of talk about business so is it educational?

Some people attend for the social aspect as running a business as a sole trader can be a lonely occupation. Plus for all except the organiser it is an event to meet people, not to do work. So is it a social gathering?

We have found ourselves in the grey area between the cracks which often arises with rules and laws rushed through. While we should all follow the rules, and eat out to help out, and keep the economy moving, and get back to work, we find ourselves at the old question: is business networking ‘work’?

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