Julia Lampard Hair Salon, Guildford

Julia Lampard Salon Guilford

The Julia Lampard Salon

If you wonder the gardens of Guildford Castle, you will notice just beyond the gate, back toward the high-street, a small salon tucked away, easily missed, but rarely forgotten. Julia Lampard is an independent salon in Guildford.

Started by the now, Julia Simpson, over the past 30 years it has become one of Guildford’s established mainstays, welcoming anyone who would cross the threshold. From Famous Politicians to people just looking for their new look, Julia and her team are always welcoming and happy to see you. The salon is absolutely stunning, a showroom of good taste and sustainability.

Julia Lampard Hair Salon, Guildford
Hair Washing in the Salon

Hair Salon and COVID

During the recent COVID pandemic, Julia has been working hard to keep her staff and customers safe. Retrofitting her beautiful salon with COVID screens as allowed her to stay open. In addition to this, Julia launched her online Davines shop, allowing people to continue buying the best hair care products available. She has taken the time to organise her products by hair type and condition so you can find what you are looking for. They would make a great Christmas gift for someone too!

Julia Lampard Hair Salon, Guildford
Ellie with the new COVID measures

Guildford Community

Julia is particularly passionate about how her salon can do good for the wider community, and if you spend any time with her as I have done, you will see that she is committed in no small way to changing people’s lives for the better.

Nowhere else is this more apparent than with her Wig Consultations. Julia Lampard is one of only a handful of salons in the country with the resources to look after people suffering from hair loss, with their private wig consultation room. Whether through ongoing medical treatment, or through a medical condition, they stock a huge range of wigs with both synthetic and human hair:


“When the Oncologist told me I would lose my hair I was devastated, that was before I met Julia Lampard. She came recommended, so I made an appointment for a consultation. As I walked into the salon a warm greeting awaited and Julia immediately put me at ease. We tried on wigs and when we got the perfect colour match, we chose the style. Julia certainly knows her craft. – Julia expertly cut the wig to my style and it certainly has the wow factor. My husband stared amazed, it looked so natural, people that know me say I look amazing, the truth is the wig looks great and gives me confidence. Others would never know its a wig. So do not despair, if you are to lose your hair, see Julia, her expertise and knowledge will have you smiling and no one will ever know you are wearing a wig.” – Helen (Via Google Reviews)

Julia Lampard Hair Salon, Guildford
Wig display in the salon

It was in talking with one of these wig clients that inspired Julia’s entrepreneurial side. Most people would not realize, but wearing a wig day to day can be very uncomfortable and hot. After working with one of her clients Julia was inspired to create a new product to help. Julia is launching her ‘Julia Lampard Wig Lingerie’ early in 2021. This revolutionary new product and its packaging are ethically sourced, and made from 100% organic Cotton. It sits on the head, under a wig and holds it in place. It also stops the head from sweating by keeping it cool:

“The Julia Lampard wig Lingerie has transformed what is an uncomfortable hot and miserable experience of wearing a wig in the summer months, particularly at work, to one of cool comfort and confidence. The design is excellent!” – Sue

So next time you are in the town, why not pop into see Julia, she will be pleased to see you, and may even offer you a cup of tea!

Julia Lampard Hair Salon, Guildford
Products are available to buy on the Julia Lampard website


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