Chris Mann Photography

Chris Mann Photography
AD for weddings & family photography, for commercial photography & video.


These days everyone has a smartphone that takes “really good snaps” – so why would you need to use the services of a professional photographer?


It’s all about expertise and experience – not just on the technical side, but also in composing a picture, using natural light and flash to best advantage, and making the subject look good! And with photos of people there’s a considerable art to interacting with clients so they feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and posing them so they look their best.” – Chris Mann

Chris Mann has been a full-time professional photographer and videographer since 2003 – shooting everything from weddings and family portraits to business headshots and corporate events, as well as product and architectural photography.

Worldwide experience

Now based near Guildford, he worked in the Caribbean for 7 years before moving back to the UK, and has shot assignments in Mexico, the USA, St Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Europe & the Middle East as well as all over the UK from Cornwall to Scotland! A lot of his work is local, but he’s very happy to travel!

“I have two main strands to my business – one is “social photography” – weddings and portraits; and the other is commercial work, comprising business headshots for websites and social media, promotional photos and videos, and corporate events. I have separate websites for each – for weddings and for commercial work.

During the Covid pandemic of course I’ve been doing fewer weddings and events than usual, but have still been helping businesses promote themselves with fresh photography and promotional videos.” – Chris Mann

One of Chris’s most interesting recent jobs was photographing the construction of the new Isolation Ward at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford

I was on site once or twice a week taking photos, all the way from groundbreaking to the official opening by the Mayor of Guildford.

At the end of the project the builders also hired Chris to shoot a “walkthrough” video showing the completed building, which was handed over the hospital just 14 weeks from the start of the work.

Are socially distanced photos possible?

Yes, definitely! As long as the location is suitable, doing a photo or video shoot is still possible with appropriate social distancing. One of the reasons professional portraits look better than phone selfies is that they are taken from further away with a telephoto lens, which gives a more flattering look!” – Chris Mann

“Making you look good in pictures”

So if you need someone to “make you look good in pictures” give Chris Mann a call – his experience and expertise is at your disposal. for weddings & family photography, for commercial photography & video.

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