Hillbers Mission Statement

To be a force for social change for the better, by telling the stories behind the news.

A regulated platform with no formal position or opinion that allows its contributors to report on events and offer analysis as they see it, without interference or direction. To this end, we have given our contributors an open brief to encourage a diverse range of opinions and ideas, looking at the world around themselves to find their own stories to share. As a result all articles are the opinion of the author and not representative of Hillbers News Network as a whole.

About Hillbers

Hillbers News Network is a collection of independent contributors. We are a mixture of elected Councillors, business owners and residents committed to sharing news and opinion about where we live so everyone can benefit.

Hillbers News Network was co-founded by Ed Schofield and John Tonks in September 2020, as a reaction to a lack of quality, information driven, local news. Ed and John originally started a much smaller site, Ash Parish News, in early 2020 but the demand for coverage quickly overtook what could be supplied on such a local level, so Hillbers News Network was created as the solution.

Hillbers News Network has been regulated by IMPRESS, the independent Press Standards Regulator since its inception.

Hillbers News Network is a place for developing new ideas, and finding articles that change your point of view. If you disagree with the opinion of a contributor we welcome healthy debate in the comments, however trolling and hate will not be tolerated.

The People



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