Topic of Cancer

Topic of Cancer

“Topic of Cancer helping the change the landscape of future cancer cures”


Did you know that in Guildford there is a research lab that researches new groundbreaking cures for Cancer? Did you know that there’s a local charity called Topic of Cancer that supports the research labs? Please let me explain the relationship:

Opposite the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust on the University of Surrey campus is one of only 3 establishments in the UK that researches groundbreaking treatments for cancer cures. These labs are not funded by the government and Surrey University only makes a small contribution. This is where Topic of Cancer comes in.

The labs have researchers, clinicians, virologists, oncologists and scientists who all need funding as do the huge number of consumables they go through every day. For the most part they receive grants for pharmaceuticals, research institutes and charities such as Topic of Cancer. Professor Hardev Pandha heads the team and also has clinics at St. Luke’s Cancer Centre, as he is a medical doctor and oncologist. (St. Luke’s Cancer Centre is behind and adjoined to the Royal Surrey)

Topic of Cancer raises funds and importantly awareness into new treatments for cancer using the patient’s own immune system. There are a number of different avenues they have researched and expand on, namely Immunotherapy, Check Point Inhibitors and Oncolytic Virus research. Topic of Cancer also supports the community and funds a choir called ToC Voices, a gym called ToC Fit and a support group called ToC Together. All funded by money raised from donations from the public, corporate support and a small amount of grants. All our community support is free to Cancer patients, their family and friends, though we do appreciate donations.

To learn more about this local charity you can visit their website which can be found at On the website you will find information about research, events and interviews, one of them from me. My name is Kim Ronaldson, I’m chair of Topic of Cancer and a patient of Professor Pandha.