Boris Johnson to protect 30% of UK Land by 2030

Boris Johnson has committed to protect 30% of UK land by 2030. This sounds like a lot of land however this figure includes the existing 26% already protected under law comprising National Parks, AONB (such as the Surrey Hills) and other areas such as SSSI’s.

The Areas to be protected have not been announced, but will be worked out in conjunction with devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland. There is speculation that most likely these new areas will be created by increasing the size of the existing protected areas.

We must act now – right now. We cannot afford dither and delay because biodiversity loss is happening today and it is happening at a frightening rate. Left unchecked, the consequences will be catastrophic for us all.” – Boris Johnson

The announcement has come as the Prime Minister has signed a leaders agreement at the UN to improve Biodiversity by 2030 known as “30 by 30“. This UK led initiative was created to tackle the fall of global wildlife and biodiversity which has now diminished by 68% since 1970.

Boris Johnson to protect 30% of UK Land by 2030
Global biodiversity has diminished by 68% since 1970



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